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Seven Statistical Consulting offers a wide range of statistical services to support researchers on their path to success, ranging from data processing to statistical modelling. Our consultants can help with survey design, data processing, data visualizations, and data analysis. We also provide graduate students with dissertation services. In addition, we offer online statistics and software programming training customized to the needs of our clients.



Seven Statistical Consulting partners with leading consultants in econometrics and statistics. Our consultants have the ability to work in an area that they have never had experience with. By outsourcing our services, you can save the time being stuck analyzing your data and spend more time doing research and coming up new research questions. 


Seven Statistical Consulting implements strict policies to make sure that all our consultants strive to exercise the utmost discretion to ensure that all your matters are handled with professionalism and integrity. 



We always seek highly competent individuals with a strong statistical analysis experience and a graduate level coursework. Seven Statistical Consulting adopts a unique business model that guarantees flexibility to all our consultants. We are currently looking to hire consultants and trainers who have extensive work experience in Python, SPSS, SAS, and Stata programming software. If you have an extensive programming experience in any of these software and you are passionate about working with us, please email your CV to

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