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Seven Statistical Consulting

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire Seven Statistical Consulting?

Data analysis in research has become a hectic and tiresome process that requires you to master statistical software programming. With Seven Statistical Consulting, you can save your time being stuck trying to code your statistical software and spend more time doing more research and applying for research grants. Our team have accumulated many years of research experience, we can help you to merge datasets from different sources, deal with outliers and missing data, create the most complex variables and make sure that your descriptive are in line with the extant literature, estimate the main empirical model, or perform additional robustness tests.


How much do you charge for your services?

It depends on the nature and size of your project. Our policy requires a minimum of four-hour tasks for new clients. Urgent tasks incur a surcharge of 50% on the top of normal rate. Contact us for a free initial consultation to get a quote.


Can I see a sample of your previous work?

In line with our privacy policy to protect the confidentiality of our clients, we do not disclose any previous work details. However, we provide a free of charge consultation to enable you to assess the quality of our work. We might also perform the initial steps of your project free of charge so you can decide whether to continue with us or not.


Can you process and analyze different sizes of datasets?

Yes, we have worked on datasets of different sizes. The largest dataset that we worked on was 10 GB in size. Our consultants are highly qualified to work on datasets containing thousands of variables and millions of observations.


Can you help in the literature review or research methodology sections of dissertations?

No, we are afraid we do not. We provide support in the data analysis and results portion of your thesis and/or dissertations.


Can you help analyze data in the health sector?

Yes, we can help analyze patient data, our consultants have experience dealing with different types of analyses from descriptive statistics to complex regression analyses. Our team can help not only in analyzing your data but also in presenting the findings in the most understandable way. However, we are afraid we can not help interpret your results as all our consultants have business background.

Can you provide on-site training or workshops?

No, we are afraid we do not. All our training workshops are online web training using Cisco Webex or Microsoft Teams. We might use other platforms if needed.


Any other question?

Feel free to email your questions to

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