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Seven Statistical Consulting


Survey Design

Based on your research objectives, our consultants can help you to create surveys that are very easy to understand by target participants. Hence,  generate the most accurate data that better reflect your objectives. We can also provide you with the best advise on the optimal way to gather the data. In some circumstances, we can collect the data on your behalf, we utilize a variety of web-based platforms such as Qualtrics and SurveyMonkey. Please contact us to learn more about our services. 

Data Processing

After the collection of relevant data, our consultants start to process the data to get it ready for use. If the raw data is not handled properly, researchers will end up drawing inaccurate inferences about their data. This process includes but not limited to the removal of univariate and multivariate  outliers, dealing with missing data, assessing for normality, or data transformation. Our consultants will apply the most appropriate methods to ensure the reliability and validity of the data before data analysis. 

Data Visualizations 

We understand the importance of data visualizations for the success of your research projects. Visualizations make the data easier to understand and help to spot trends and patterns that cannot be detected when using other methods. We can help you to create effective visualizations of your data to use in your research paper or in your PowerPoint presentations. Our consultants uses a variety of software packages to produce visual outputs that are customized to meet your specific needs. 

Data Analysis

After getting your data ready for use, a power analysis is performed to assure your sample size have adequate power to detect statistical significance. Based on your research questions, hypotheses, methods, our team will help you create the variables of interest especially those requires statistics over a rolling window or complex statistical modelling.  We will also help you run your empirical models. We use a wide range of statistical methods, including but not limited to inferential statistics, correlation, regressions, time-series analysis, panel data analysis, survival analysis, factor analysis, structural equation modelling, entropy balancing, and propensity score matching.

Dissertation Support

We provide master’s and PhD candidates with statistical support during the empirical part of their thesis or dissertation. We offer a step-by-step support, we can help you to clean the data, generate variables of interest, perform descriptive statistics, create visual presentations, estimate your main empirical model, perform additional sensitivity and robustness checks. We can also help you to report your final results in the appropriate manner. Our PhD-level consultants have many years of research experience and are able to handle large and complex data sets.

Training and Workshops

We offer flexible training workshops tailored to fit the unique needs of our clients. Topics of our training workshops are related to data-analysis and statistical software programming. All training workshops are held online using Cisco Webex, Zoom,  or Microsoft Teams so you can save your time and money commuting to the workshop locations. Our workshops are intended for a maximum of ten participants. We also offer one-to-one tutorial sessions for individuals needing additional or focused assistance and support.

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