Survey Design

We use several platform to help with your survey design needs.

Our consultants are expert using various platforms and can help you with any aspect of the software you would like to learn. We use Stata software along with survey design tools to make data management and collection as streamlined as possible. Let us help you with your survey design needs today.

Survey design is a multi-step process. It involves the initial planning of your survey, outlining each step needed to conduct your survey successfully. Some items to think about when starting to create your survey design are:


  • Keep in mind the target age group of the survey and approach them on the appropriate medium. Don't set up a mail-in survey for a survey targeting 18-14-year old's, just as you wouldn't use an internet survey targeting those above 65.

  • Remember to keep your survey as short and concise as possible.

  • Send out a pilot sample survey to ensure there are no errors. This sample group should be a very small pool.

  • Based on the pilot sample and after any changes have been made, it is now time to send out the complete survey.

  • Once results come in, it is time to analyze the data.

Stata software is used to take your data management to the next level. With the ability to administer multiple datasets at the same time and complete import/export functionality, this software helps work with data in a more robust, friendly manner.

We have Stata specialists who will help you through any aspect of the software you may want to focus on. Have you recently gone through a survey design process and need to compile the data results? Stata software will help you attain your goals.

Reach out to one of our consultants to help you with the best ways to interpret and analyze the data. We will use Stata software to create the reports and analysis that your team needs to become a success. We work tirelessly to ensure the most accurate possible results from your surveys. Stata software offers so many features that we can't cover everything in one sitting. Our consultants can do a deep dive into any area that you'd like more experience with. Our consultants are available to help you today.