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Statistical Training

We use Stata software and provide Stata programming training.

Do you have all the statistical skills you need to conduct your research? Would you like to develop your skills to perform the most sophisticated statistical models? Our statistical training workshops provide you with the skills you need to transform your data into actionable insights.

We deliver custom-fit workshops to train you in relevant techniques and software. you can perform the tasks that you currently outsource or which you have not yet performed at all.

Workshops are engaging and interactive, we use practical examples using your own data wherever possible. All our workshops are conducted online and taught by highly qualified consultants to ensure you quickly obtain the needed skills. Our consultants adopt different tools and techniques to make sure that each class provides the best learning experience. By the end of the workshop, you will be able to think creatively and rationally about your data and consider new ways to explore your data and improve your results. Even if you consider to outsource your tasks, you will be still able to understand the applied techniques and better interpret the obtained results. We also offer one-to-one tutorial sessions for individuals needing informal and focused assistance and support. 

Our courses can cover virtually any statistical topic. Popular themes include:

  • Data collection tools. 

  • Exploratory data analysis.

  • Sample size calculations. 

  • Data cleaning methods. 

  • Handling missing data using multiple imputation.

  • Times-series analysis.

  • Panel data analysis. 

  • Survival analysis.

  • Regression modelling. 

  • Structure equation modelling.

  • Estimating average treatment effects.

  • Propensity score matching and entropy balancing.

  • Introduction to Stata programming.

  • Statistical modelling and data visualization using Stata.  

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