Statistics Training

We use Stata software and provide Stata programming training.

At Seven Statistical Consulting, we offer training workshops that we have custom-tailored to our client's needs. We offer Stata programming training workshops for small groups or one on one pieces of training. Our consultants will take you through the statistics training and Stata programming training steps to get you ready to hit the ground running.

Statistics training is an ongoing process for us. We work hard to stay at the cutting edge of the statistics and survey industry and want to bring you along with us. Our team of trainers will get you up to speed on any new software enhancements you may need and will create specialized pieces of training for your specific needs.

When you start down the path of statistics training, a focus on the fundamentals of data collection methods, market research, evaluation research, dealing with missing data fields, making statistically correct estimates, and more. The requirements to become a statistician generally include a master's degree in a related field. Keep this in mind when you start down the path of data collection and data analysis. We can provide every service you would need to have in-depth, professionally researched data analysis.

At Seven Statistical Consulting, we will provide you with publication-ready graphics to show your clients and business partners. We provide your team with statistics training from one of our Ph.D. consultants today to get a boost toward your company's success.